5 Cool Drinks to Beat Hot Summer Days

5 Cool Drinks to Beat Hot Summer Days

Dehydration is very common in summers, so it is very important to consume an adequate amount of water for that you need to intake liquid to beat the summer heat. Cooling drinks are your best approach to calm the digestive system and keep your head cool too. Wouldn’t it be incredible if summer drinks guarantee you wellbeing and health along with freshness? Here are the lists of some healthy summer drinks, which you can add to your dietary regime and stay healthy and fresh!

Coconut Water – Coconuts are scrumptious and nutritious energy drink that keeps body hydrated round the clock. Coconuts are a rich source of refreshing and miracle drink and perhaps the best beverage to battle summer heat which also improves digestion and overall immune system health.

It is low in calories which contains natural enzymes and various minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium, antioxidants, and cytokinins which make it a super drink.

Buttermilk – Buttermilk or Chaanch is a fermented dairy product which is most popular Indian drink that has great cooling properties which cool the body and drives away the heat. After meal, a glass of buttermilk prevents acidity and improves digestion. You can try this lip smacking chaanch with some added condiments like masalas, pepper, ginger, etc that add to the taste!

Fennel Tea – Fennel seeds are not only known to improve digestion but also removing toxins and leave a cooling effect on your body. To beat the summer heat fennel seeds /saunf sherbet is a common cooler which is an excellent way to lower body heat. After having meals it is a common practice to chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds and it also promotes oral hygiene and keeps the breath fresh.

Mint Lemonade – Mint Lemonade is healthy and refreshing summer beverage. Add a couple of mint leaves and flavors to your regular lemon juice which makes it a classic summer drink. As per studies both lemons and mint are packed with vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial to our body. This detox water flushing out toxins from our body and is very effective when it comes to the digestion of food.

Smoothies – Smoothies are thick, creamy beverages full of nutrients and flavor which is a popular wellness trend. Many people consume smoothies in morning breakfast or afternoon snacks as they offer a power-packed mixture of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, seeds, nuts, etc.

In case you’re searching for an inventive method to boost your veggie and fruit intake, smoothies might be the best approach.

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