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8 popular internet projects that are empowering women across the globe

Empowering Women, Women have been undermined by society. She has been put into traditional and social moulds making her an interior part of the society. Women were always put behind the walls of the house and men have been enjoying autonomy in the world. She has been subjected to injustice, violence and discrimination while her rights are denied.

But, in the modern era women have managed to challenge the irrelevant societal norms to speak for themselves. Women empowerment is a modern initiative for empowering women to promote their self-worth and cherish their abilities. They are given an opportunity to become financially independent and develop their capabilities.

A new tool for women empowerment in the modern time is the internet. The Internet has made them more informed, aware and strengthen their logical approach against irrelevant norms. Additionally, women can stay at home and get access to a wide range of global opportunities without even stepping out. So, women in rural areas have been benefited who cannot get access to the urban world. Along with that it has been a medium to start women empowering and women development campaigns and programs in rural areas.

We have listed 8 popular internet projects that are empowering women across the world:-

The Amakomaya Project (Nepal)- The Amakomaya (mother’s love) initiative is started for giving important information and crucial digital knowledge to the women in Nepal’s villages. A good aspect of this initiative is that the digital information is given in their local language. This project has performed well to give significant information to pregnant women about birth and child care that are vital and not available otherwise. The need for this project was due to the poor maternal mortality and the increasing deaths of newborn children. The high use of mobile devices and internet connectivity with advice of urban and senior medical practitioners to the application has further developed this endeavour.

empowering women

The Samasource program – This global initiative was taken to connect and provide a platform to women across the globe with the internet medium. This is a non-profit motive that gives data projects to work through computer devices. This initiative was started because the traditional role of a woman prevents her from working, earning and making a career so computers are used to tackle this tradition. Samasource was founded in 2008 and since then it has skilled and recruited women with more than 3,000 assignments. The assignments belong to prominent companies like Microsoft and Getty images in developing nations.

Hamara Internet (Pakistan)- Hamara internet or our internet is an endeavour by the Digital rights foundation. Women’s rights have been violated for years especially in developing countries. So this initiative ensures a safe online environment for a woman that secures their freedom of expression both digitally and in real life. Workshops and skilling programs are organised on the internet in Pakistan to empower them. They are given a way to connect through social media channels and also make them learn about online security and protection against cyber violence.

W2E2 (India)– W2E2 means Women for Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. The Internet has a lot of power to improve lives. In that way, this campaign gives digital devices, Internet connection and digital learning workshops. The aim is to assist rural women in India set up social and small organisations or businesses. Many women who participated in this campaign are now successfully running new organisations of sustainable agriculture and rural health programs and organisations.
International Girls in ICT Day (Global)- This campaign gives young girls and women across the world assistance in making careers in the field of information, communication and technology. Women have always been left behind in the race of development but this project is allowing them to compete in the technological field. Every year 4th Thursday in April is celebrated to create awareness campaigns for girls in the digital world across the globe. More than 111,000 girls and young women have been a part of this endeavour in more than 100 countries.

Tujiunge (Democratic Republic of Congo)- The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is a developing country where violence and women against women are high in numbers. There is political instability and violent clashes among groups over religion. In this atmosphere, the development of women is difficult. So this campaign gives the strength and support of internet and computer devices to women to cope against violence. Women get a track for information, education and support to deal with violence and violation of their rights.

Ayni Bolivia (Bolivia)- Ayni Bolivia is a mission to give teachings and skills of computer maintenance and cybersecurity to young girls. Most girls in developing nations are denied education by the social system. They are given technical skills of assembling computer parts and teaching about technicalities related to hardware and software. This skill shall help them to create a future and career while giving confidence. Women can earn and generate earnings for their family.

Afchix (Africa)- Women can fight against violations of their rights and violence easily with financial independence. To develop their condition, they need to make a successful career and get good jobs. For that purpose, this campaign gives technological training to women in Africa to get jobs and make a career. Young girls are given teaching and guidance with the most advanced technology studies.

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