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Don’t struggle with your dry skin anymore, just follow these simple steps

Are you struggling hard with your dry skin? People with dry skin face a hard time maintaining the hydration level of the skin. You can prevent your flaky and dry skin by following a skincare routine. In this article, we are discussing the best skincare routine.

Pamper your dry skin with the daily routine

The person with dry skin must have a proper night and day skincare routine.

  1. Morning routine for your dry skin- This morning routine helps your skin to fight against infections, dust, UV rays, and other environmental issues. You can follow the below-discussed steps.
  2. Clean your face– You are required to clean your face in the morning. Use gentle, mild, and hydrating face wash.
  3. Apply serum- If you are stepping out of your home; apply serum to protect dry skin. The serum has antioxidants that prevent damage from free radicals.
  4. Moisture your face– After washing your face, put moisturizer and massage gently. This is an essential step. Apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of washing face. This trick will keep your dry skin hydrated for a long time. Always pick moisturizers with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.
  5. Sun protection- Now, it is time to place some sun protection after the application of moisturizer. The protection from Sun is important for preventing UV damage and keeps your skin healthy. You must opt for SPF 30 sun protection. Also, avoid Sun exposure and look for shade.

It is a basic skincare routine that one must follow. After following all these steps, you can apply base makeup and foundation. When you return home in the evening then it is time to follow the night dry skincare routine.

Night routine for your dry skin– You can wash your tiring face and repair the damage. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for your dry skin.

  1. Remove makeup and dirt– Taking off the make-up is important. You can use cleaning oil or an oil-based cleanser for removing makeup. This step will dissolve your makeup and replenishes dry skin before washing.
  2. Clean your face– You can use a gentle- water-based cleanser to wash the face and remove dirt traces.
  3. Exfoliate your skin- The scrubbing or exfoliating helps to get rid of dead cells. It also makes your skin soft and smooth. You can use an exfoliator or moisturizing face scrub to clean the face.
  4. Hydrate skin with facial mist– Don’t use astringent lotions. You can apply toning mist on the face. The mist will keep the skin hydrated and helps to absorb other skin products.
  5. Apply hydrating serum– The serum has active ingredients that replenish skin and keep it healthy. Use serum rich in Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for your dry skin. It refreshes your skin by keeping it soft.
  6. Apply night cream– The good-quality night cream helps to repair and recover the skin during sleep. You can select a night cream as per your need like anti-pigmentation, anti-aging, and more.
    Hence, follow these routines and don’t struggle with dry skin. These steps will make your skin healthy and lively.
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