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Good News for all Dark Chocolate Lovers : Powerful Health Benefits

Dark Chocolate Lovers, “I hate chocolates!” said no one ever. Chocolate is a favourite and the most popular item and is associated with positive emotions. From a young age we are told to not eat too many sweets, including chocolates but dark chocolates are known to be rich in nutrients that are good for us. Dark chocolate with cocoa content above 60 percent is supposed to be the superfood owing to the several health benefits it can offer. Much of dark chocolate’s goodness comes from its key component, flavonoids, which impart it remarkably high antioxidant abilities that come from plants.

If one were to consume the organic food (i.e., not the regular ‘sugary sweet’ chocolates available in the local markets) of dark chocolate, it could help bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, dark chocolate, especially if it has a high percentage of cacao, can actually be good for you. This type of chocolates presents a variety of health perks that can benefit your heart, brain, and overall health.

Here’s why eating dark chocolate may be good for you

  • Enhanced Heart Rate: The cocoa present in dark chocolate is good for the heart. It can boost heart health and reduce the likelihood of heart disease considerably. It can lower the level of “bad” cholesterol or oxidised LDL which builds plaque deposits in the arteries. It can also maintain the HDL (good) cholesterol level thus protecting against heart issues.
  • Protects against Cancer: The antioxidants properties of dark chocolate can potentially extend cancer protection by diminishing damage to cells. It can neutralize cancer cell production and the associated inflammation. Regular consumption of dark chocolate can particularly prove beneficial in defending against colon cancer.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Dark chocolates contain magnesium which can support the lowering of blood pressure. Taking dark chocolate can also lift nitric oxide levels in the body thereby reducing overall blood pressure.
  • Lower Cholesterol: It has a cholesterol lowering advantage as well. It can improve lipid profile along with limited platelet reactivity.
  • Strengthens vision:Dark chocolate can heighten oxygen availability and nutrient supply to the blood vessel present in the eyes, thus fortifying vision health. Studies show that dark chocolate displayed a better capability to enhance visual acuity than white chocolate. 
  • Benefits for Skin: Dark chocolate protect against UV damages, fights with aging, hydrates the skin, make you look younger and also prevents you from collagen breakdown.
  • Benefits for Hair: It improves blood circulation to the scalp, makes hair lustrous and promotes thick, shiny hair.
  • Improves Mood: Dark chocolate can be a feel good indulgence. It is the existence of fatty acid that does the trick. It helps the brain to pleasure thus making one happier and better.

When choosing which type of dark chocolate to eat, a higher percentage of cacao is best. The more cacao the more healthy nutrients, the less sugar, and the other less potentially negative ingredients. To make our dark chocolate even healthier you also can choose non-dairy versions or try cacao nibs, which are roasted cacao beans. Experts also advise limiting your consumption of less healthy sweets, like milk chocolate or white chocolate, as they contain higher amounts of sugar and fat. Dark Chocolate Lovers

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