Fluffy Omlette

How to make a fluffy and perfect omelet?

Are you making an omelet but it is not fluffy? We help you to make an epic omelet with all the right ingredients. You will find many kinds of omelets and various ways to prepare them. The French one is fluffy with herbs and tomatoes while the Indian one has coriander, green chilies, and onions. You will find Nargesi or Spinach omelet in Iran and the Italian one is loaded with cheese, pasta, and veggies.

Making a fluffy and perfect omelet is not easy. It can break while flipping; you are left with the option of turning it into a scrambled one. If you find that making an omelet is not easy then we are discussing certain tips that will help you to make a perfect one.

  1. Whisking– The first step is to chop the ingredients in the right manner. If the ingredients are large then they will not cook well and lead to tasteless and squishy ones. You can chop one green chili, one tomato, one onion, and one sprig of coriander leaves. Beat three eggs properly and use a whisker. Add a pinch of pepper and salt and add 2 tsp of milk. It will make your omelet fluffier. Add vegetables and mix.
  2. Cook it right– Heat the pan with butter or oil. You can add three or two teaspoons. Warm the oil and add egg mixture. Reduce the flame at this point. Cover the omelet and it will fluff up. You will notice that the sides are leaving the pan then flip it with caution. You can put a spatula deep inside the egg and lift and flip it. The omelet breaks as we are in the hurry to flip half-cooked eggs. You must allow it to cook well.
  3. When to add cheese– Adding cheese at the right time is quite important. If you like creamy cheese then add when the omelet is flipped and cover by folding it. Don’t add cheese while beating the eggs. It will break the omelet and cheese will also get burn. Add grated cheese when the omelet is fully cooked and cover it and cook on a low flame.

Important tricks to make your omelet tasty and fluffier

  • Whisk the egg yolk and white separately. You can later insert yolks in white with pepper and salt.
  • Also, add soda or carbonated water while whisking the egg.
  • Don’t add any toppings. You can use ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, and onions.

Importance of eggs

Eggs are a rich source of protein and energy. It is also a perfect source of Vitamin D, B12, and B6, selenium, and minerals like iron, copper, and zinc. It is an ideal food for athletes, growing children, and sportspersons.  The egg can also be given to the person who is trying to recover from the disease.


We have seen that eggs are the storehouse of minerals and vitamins. Also, the omelet is a perfect recipe for eating eggs daily. So, make a tasty, healthy, and fluffy omelet.

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