Israel attack Smoke and flames rise during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City.(Reuters)

Israel attack Hamas leader in Gaza and bombarded media building into ashes

Israel attack, Israel crashed strips in Gaza with airstrikes. They also destroyed the Hamas leader home with a bomb and killed 10 people in a refugee camp. The militant group of Hamas continued bombing the shells in Israel including an attack on Tel Aviv late at night. One man died on Saturday when the rocket falls at his home in the metropolis seaside.

The U.S personnel are asking for a cease-fire. Five days of havoc resulted in 145 Palestinian deaths in Gaza. It includes 23 women and 41 children. Also, eight people died from Israel, including a 5-year-old child. Joe Biden, the president has asked for de-escalation but supporting Israel’s campaign. He has spoken separately to Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister.

Israel stepped up the assault leading to the shattering of Gaza Hamas rulers’ capabilities. There was almost a week of violence and the Hamas rocket incident came after weeks of increasing tensions. Israeli warplanes bombarded various roads and buildings in Gaza early Sunday. The photos were circulated by journalists and residents depicted that airstrikes created the crater. The crater has blocked the key roads to the largest hospital, Shifa in the strip.

The health ministry has reported that the recent airstrikes have led to twenty-five people wounded and two dead. The deaths included women and children as well. There was no reaction from the Israeli military.

Israel killed Hamas leader

Last day, Israel bombarded the house of Khalil al- Hayeh, the senior leader in the Hamas political party. Israel said that the building was the center of terrorist activities. However, there was no response or reaction on the fate of al-Hayeh and any casualties.

The shelling of his home is the specimen that Israel is expanding the campaign beyond the group’s military commanders. Israel reported that they have killed dozens of people in the military branch. However, small groupsof Jihad and Hamas have only reported 20 dead members.

Al Jalaa building was destroyed

The conflict began days ago and Israel has leveled various tallest residential buildings and offices in the city of Gaza. Last day they have turned down 12 story building of al- Jalaa. The building has the offices of the TV network Al- Jazeera, AP, and other media houses.

Netanyahu said that the campaign is going to continue. He also added that the Hamas military agency was operating inside the building. Israel also targeted other locations in airstrikes. The military said that militant group was taking the support of journalists but don’t produce any evidence for the same.

AP was having its office for the last 15 years. During the conflict, the cameras of the news agency captured all things from the top floor and roof terrace. The camera has captured live shots of militants’ rockets coming towards Israel. They have also captured images of Israeli airstrikes in the city. Meanwhile, military people warned the building owner about the strike so that the occupants can be evacuated on time. Then, three missiles destroyed the building, which results in crashing down in a giant cloud of dust.

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