Terms and Conditions

The terms for usage and the privacy policy (Agreement) regulate the use of the 365socialtalk website and other services and the content in the services. This agreement, terms and conditions and privacy or other policies is an agreement that binds you and 365socialtalk (“we”, ” our” and “us”). Our policies are a crucial part of our agreement. When you access, use or contribute to the service, you make it clear that you have read and approved the terms and conditions, policies and agreements, you approve to become a part of the and consent to be bound by and acknowledge with our terms and conditions, policies and agreements. Due to any reason you deny to approve and consent to the terms, conditions and agreements, then don’t access or use our service in any manner. For this agreement, the word ” content” comprises text, image, scripts, graphics, logo, interactive features, or any other thing provided by our website or service.


The services can be given or made accessible only to users above the age of 18 or more. When you access or use our service, you approve that you are 18 or above the age of 18. If you are below 18, don’t access or use our service.


The services comprise content particularly given by us, our collaborators and users. This content is protected by the use of copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, trade secrets and other privileges, liberties and laws. You shall follow and maintain all copyright notices, information, regulations and constraints encompassed in any content accessed by our services. You should not:-

  1. take any action that compels or may impose (as inferred by us at our sole preference) an unfair, excessive or unreasonable huge quantity on our third-parties infrastructure.
  2. Intervene or try to intervene with the smooth functioning of services and activities conducted by our services.
  3. Evade or attempt to evade or circumvent any measures that we can use to avoid, profit, constraint or deter access to service or any connection, devices or system link to our service.
  4. operate any form of auto-responder or “spam” on the Services.
  5. Use manual or any automatic software, website, device or application to “crawl” any part of our service.
  6. harvest or remove any Content from the service
  7. Or take any effort or perform an activity in infringement of our guidelines and policies.

We also hold the liberty and freedom to access, browse, examine, store and reveal any data as we feel is essential to

  • fulfil any relevant law, restriction, legitimate procedure or governmental inquiry
  • Implement this Agreement, comprising inquiry of possible infringements.
  • detect, avoid or address cheating, safety or technological matters
  • respond to user assistance requests
  • safeguard the rights, privilege, property or our safety of us, our users and the public
  • You may not and may not permit any third-party to take step/action like posting, sharing, download, submit or share or enable sharing, the transmission of any kind of Content or through the Services, comprising no constraint Ir any User Content that violates the intellectual property, property right; liberty and privileges or privacy obligations of others that is not owned by you.
  • You know is incorrect, fraud, untruthful or wrong or that can harm us or any third party is FALSE, illegal, includes or promote libellous or illicit data and actions, pictures, materials or portrayals
  • (v) is severely destructive, harassing, irreverent defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive of anyone else’s secrecy, unpleasant, or racially, ethnically disagreeable, irrelevant, wrong (on our discretion) associating or facilitating money fraud, cheating, illicit actions or gambling or illegal in any form as inferred by us in our preference.
  • Creating stress or disturbance to others can hinder or harm others from utilizing Services, as discerned by us in our sole preference.
  • Forms or include wrong, illegal without consent advertising, trash or abundance of messages also called spamming.
  • Threatens or damage minors in any way,
  • Includes software viruses or any kind of computer codes, documents, collections or programs that are formulated or planned to intervene, hinders, harm, constraint or deter with the formal process of any software, hardware, or telecommunications device or harms or gathers wrong or illegal access any network, information, password or other data that belongs to us or any third party,
  • imitates any individual or element, comprising any of our staffers or deputies; (xi) comprises of anyone’s details and documents or susceptible economic data
  • endangers the harmony, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, peaceful connections with foreign states, or public order or causes promoting of any council of any cognisable offence or prevents inquiry of any offence or seems offending to any other country.


We don’t assure that any Content will be made accessible in or through the Services. We withhold the liberty too but do not have any commitment

  • eliminate, scrap to disseminate, amend, change or alter any Content at our sole preference, at any time, without prior notice to you and for any purpose (incorporating, but not constrained to, upon acknowledgement of declarations or statements from third parties or authorities about such Content or if we are worried that you may have infringed this Agreement, or for no reason to eliminate or obstruct any Content from the Services. We will make adequate actions to keep the Services functional. However, some technological problems, regular upkeep /upgrades and other occurrences out of our influence may periodically emerge in interim service halt.
  • We withhold the liberty at any time and from any time to amend, suspend or stop for time being or for always the Services or any part with or without notice.
  • You acknowledge that we may not be accountable to you or any third party for any of the straightforward or indirect outcomes of any change, halt, stop of interference to the Services.


Some elements of the Services may permit you to build, deliver, post, embed or exhibit the Content on or through the Services.

You maintain your privileges in such User Content, and by delivering or posting User Content, you without any problem give us a complete, fully-paid, royalty-free, sub-licensable, transferable license to utilize, exhibit, copy, replicate, procedure, change or remove, add, formulate derived works, publish, disseminate any User Content and all intellectual property privileges correlated with, in the whole world in entire media networks and any media setup now known or after created and used for any marketing, advertising or financial objectives by us or third parties who collaborate with us for work, broadcast, dissemination or posting of our Content with entire copyright and all regenerations and expansions of with no responsibility to make payment to you or others or to give you recognition.

In this case, we decide to give you recognition or not and we are completely liable to decide in this case. You give us the liberty to utilize your name and preferences under the agreement about advertising. You also leave the liberty to evaluate or consent to any final content or product. We can change or adjust your user content to share, post or disseminate it through internet and network devices etc or make alterations in user content that are important to satisfy and change it according to any preferences constraints of any network, device or service etc. You are accountable for the usage of the services of any user content you give, and for outputs containing the usage of your user content by anyone else and our third-party collaborators. You comprehend that your user content can be changed, posted, shared and disseminated or circulated by our collaborators and if you have no right to provide useful content for use, it shall be subject to your detriment. We are not accountable for any use of your user content by use by these words and agreements. When you submit or publish the user content you denote and guarantee that you have entire and unlimited rights and permission to crucial to give the liberties consented to any user content or use of such content by agreements that do not infringe any rights, promotion, trademarks, contract rights or other intellectual property rights and privileges. Additionally, you are certain that the content you give to the services shall not include any element that is liable to any third party proprietary rights until you have accurate constant from the legal owner of the material you submit. Otherwise, you shall be liable and legally responsible to post the content and give us the license and agreement. Your submission or publication of the user content denotes that you are in no way related or entitled to include yourself as our staff, broker or collaborator etc.

When you submit or publish the user content you additionally disclose or release us, its associates, marketing agency, beneficiaries, hires and give their respective officials, staffers, dealers from any statements, activities and requests ensuing about, the usage of your User Content, your name and biographical information, containing no limitation or declarations for attack over privacy and defamation. This discharge shall safeguard the usefulness of our licensees and legal envoys. We shall make adequate actions to protect the User Content given by you still we are in no case responsible or for daily or loss to do so and you are entirely accountable for formulating and retaining a copy of your User Content.


Specific details of the Services such as broadcasting or sharing comments, data and acknowledgement in the Services needs login through third party ID. By accessing it through a third party ID, you authorize us to access specific data from your profile like name, email address etc. for use by the Services by our Privacy Policy.


All right, title and preference in the Services comprising the Content in and to the Services are and will stay the sole property of 365socialtalk or our third parties. The Services containing the Content are preserved by copyright, trademark and other regulations of the Republic of India and other countries. We have and own all rights incorporating those not jotted down in this Agreement. The content accessible through the Services may be perceived and utilized for your private and personal usage only. Other than as those mentioned you have not bestowed any rights or permission to documents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks interesting the Services or the Content, and we withhold all rights not mentioned consented here. We do not authorize copyright violating actions and violation of intellectual property rights on or by the Services, containing the Content. We plea that you will rapidly inform us in written form upon your finding of any unlawful or without accurate permission usage or violation of the Services or our document, copyright, trade data, trademarks or other intellectual property rights. You approve that you will not, and you will not facilitate, assist or approve any other individual for any intention to change the arrangement or change with any safety elements, use regulations or other safety regulations related to the Services or the Content. Additionally, you consent that you will not, and will not facilitate anyone else to as mentioned below.


Our Services may contain links to additional websites and mobile applications that are acquired and regulated by third parties. These third-party websites and applications shall include a format that some deem improper or problematic. You concede that these third-party websites and applications are not under our supervision, and we are not accountable for the access of the content placed by third-party websites and device applications. You shall reach and call the supervisor for those third-party websites and applications if you keep any questions over such links or the content placed on such websites and applications. Your usage of those third-party websites and applications is at your stake and is liable to the conditions of usage and privacy policies of every website and application. We encompass third party connections or citations as an amenity to our users, and we do not uphold nor hold any penalty or responsibility for the third-party websites and applications, services, or products.


Our Services shall include Content, incorporating User Content, which shall be disagreeable, harmful, unpleasant, indecent, illicit, erroneous or troublesome. We don’t encourage any Content, and it does not express our impressions or strategies and policies. We shall but not need to track Content, constraint or eliminate Content, and remove or delete a user account that we discern at our exclusive preference is improper or Problematic. Under no conditions do we determine any accountability or obligation for any Content, containing but not restricted to any mistakes or blunders in any Content or any harm of any sort of and the outcome of the use of any Content made accessible through the Services, and you approve to forsake any legitimate or rightful rights or solutions you may for us about such Content. Any usage or dependence on any Content by you via the Services is at your stake.


To the ultimate degree authorized by relevant law, neither we, licensors, suppliers, collaborators, associates or third-party service provider would be accountable to you or any third party for any harm, or any other aspect of harm in any way occurring out of or in alliance with this Permission or your use of the Services or any Content, nonetheless of the method of an activity or the ground of the declaration or whether or not we have been instructed of the likelihood of the harm.


We shall cancel your permit to all or any portion of the Services at any time, along with a reason or not, with a pre-notification or not productive instantly. All conditions of this Agreement which shall withstand termination, containing, without restriction, licenses of User Content, license, all disclaimer and constraints of responsibility.

You can call our membership at any time.


We withhold the liberty to amend this Policy at our exclusive preference without previous note and at any time. The recent policy will be placed at this place. If you continue to use our service, you are consenting to bind by this and the new and update policy and agreement.